Tim Tebow Vs. Mark Sanchez: Battle of the Jets Quarterbacks

March 21, 2012 By:
Tim Tebow Vs. Mark Sanchez: Battle of the Jets Quarterbacks

Today it was reported that Tim Tebow may have been traded from Denver Broncos to the New York Jets and now both he and Mark Sanchez are possibly quarterbacks for the same NFL team.

Now, I know very little about sports, but I know a lot about celebrities who date athletes so having two of Hollywood’s hottest sports stars on the same team is a BIG DEAL!

How are Jersey chasers like Hayden Panettiere, Minka Kelly, and Kim Kardashian going to handle themselves!? It’s like a Jets feeding frenzy!

Two hotties one team? It’s sounds like a naughty youtube video.

Peyton Manning took over Tebow’s former QB position, and Sanchez told Fox Sports this morning, “I think Peyton is going to do great and I think Tim is going to do great no matter what happens.”

So anyways, even if the only thing you know about football is that Tim Tebow is trying to hook up with “Glee” actress Dianna Agron, this information should mean something to you, because it’s two A-List athletes-turned-celebs on the same team!

It’s not a sure thing that Tim got traded to the Jets, apparently it might fall through, but for now, let’s pretend like Tebow and Sanchez are about to have a football hottie showdown.