Tim Tebow on Rumored Girlfriends: I've Never Even Met Them

April 13, 2012 By:
Tim Tebow on Rumored Girlfriends: I've Never Even Met Them

Don’t expect Tim Tebow to be scoring off the field anytime soon. The self-proclaimed virgin has been linked to everyone from Taylor Swift to Katy Perry, but he’s laughing off the rumors.

“It’s funny, because half the rumors, I’ve never even met the people,” the 24 year-old NFL sweetheart told ‘Good Morning America.’
“I’m sure they would be lovely.”

Despite the fact that most women would love to have this guy Tebow all over them, he remains devoted to Christianity. Gotta be tempting though.

Tebow also always invites a sick child to be a guest at his games.

"Before a game I can ... spend a few moments with someone who is dealing with so much more than I've ever had to deal with, and that's extremely special for me," Tebow said. "Because I know what I do with that kid is more important than whatever I do the next three hours in that game."

In case that doesn’t endear him enough to you:

“My goal is to create a brighter day for as many people as I possibly can by being on this earth, and being someone that can be a good role model."

Apparently, there are rumors that Tim is playing to become a preacher after his football career ends. When asked about his future career path, Tim says:

"I don't know what my future holds. I'm going to love playing football for as long as I can, but there's a lot of other things that I would love to accomplish."