Non-Controversial Tebow Photos Cause Controversy

May 21, 2012 By:
Non-Controversial Tebow Photos Cause Controversy

Tim Tebow is protecting his image like the champion he is.

The New York Jets quarterback asked that a photo of him and several cast members of the Broadway show “Rock of Ages” be removed from Twitter. In the “shocking” photo, Tebow was caught posing with the cast standing and smiling… GASP!


Broadway actress Neka Zang was responsible for the tweet and - as asked - removed the picture from the site.

"Well, Due to Tebow's ‘image’ I was asked to remove the pic of him with us half dressed ladies,” Zang tweeted. “He does know we aren't real strippers right?"

Along with the posing shot, the entire cast was also captured via Twitter performing their rendition of his signature “Tebow” sideline ritual.

How do you do the Tebow, you ask?

Step one: Right knee on ground.

Step two: Left elbow on left knee.

Step three: Left knuckles on forehead.

Step four: Think of something profound. *

Step five: Make sure no one’s tweeting about it!

(* This step is optional.)

The "shocking" image has since been removed.

Zang continued, “Tweeps. I'm not mad, or judging. Just letting u all know I took the pic down. Ok. Thanks."

This isn’t the first time Tebow’s been spotted at a Broadway show. The cultured QB was previously seen attending a performance of “Wicked” shortly after being traded to the New York Jets from the Denver Broncos.

So, what was Tebow embarrassed of?

Was he getting some beef from teammates for being a football player and liking Broadway? Or maybe they would just be jealous that he didn’t think to invite them? The world may never know.

We've reached out to Tebow's rep for a comment but no word yet.