Why Tim Gunn Hasn't Had Sex in 29 Years

January 25, 2012 By:
Why Tim Gunn Hasn't Had Sex in 29 Years

You could say that Tim Gunn is having a dry spell, or a dry quarter century.

The Project Runway star who is now one of the hosts on the new show The Revolution made the shocking announcement that he has been celibate for 29 years, but don’t feel bad for him, Tim Gunn can make it work!

“I haven’t had sex in 29 years. Do I feel like less of a person for it? No. Not even remotely,” says Gunn.

I love it when Tim Gunn asks himself rhetorical questions. Do, I, Tim Gunn think that talking about my sex life on national television is weird and/or TMI? No. Not even remotely.

He says the reason for his newfound abstinence is because of psychological drama he suffered in a past relationship.

“It’s very personal,” he prefaces, before he begins to tell the very personal story, “I was in a very intense relationship for a long time. And my partner ended it, saying that, quite frankly, he was impatient with my sexual performance.”

Quite frankly, that ex-guy doesn’t deserve Tim Gunn, have you seen the way Tim Gunn can rock a pocket square?

Gunn also says that when he began dating, the AIDS epidemic was beginning and he’s more concerned about his health than trying to bone everyone in the greater West Hollywood area.

“I think a lot of people simply retreated because they were concerned about their health. I certainly was,” he says, “And I’m happy to be healthy and alive, quite frankly.”

Do you guys want to play a drinking game? It’s called “take a shot every time Tim Gunn uses the phrase ‘quite frankly.’” I guarantee you will get wasted.

“I have feelings,” admits Gunn, “It’s not as though I’m some barren forest.”

Verdict still out on how “barren forest” is an appropriate metaphor for not having sex.

“I don’t want to imply to anyone that I have a mandate that says no sex. I don’t. I don’t know what’s around the corner.”