25 Times Tilda Swinton Proved She Wasn't of This Earth

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25 Times Tilda Swinton Proved She Wasn't of This Earth
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Tilda Swinton isn't of this world. She's a superior being, the next step in evolution living amongst us. She is everything.

1. When her hair was a satellite that transmitted messages to her home planet.

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2. When she looked like the chic military commander of a galactic army.

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3. When she was basically a pulsating piece of art by Piet Mondrian.

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4. When she didn’t even carry a clutch to a Hollywood after-party and just stood in front of some white roses, because Tilda knows her best accessory is the nature that surrounds us.

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5. When she hardly wears makeup and it’s like you’re witnessing a divine truth.

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6. When she looked like a metallic marlin that fell from space.

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Also, a marlin that can breathe out of water.


7. When she made the fountains of the Earth spring forth with her graceful being.

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8. When she goes all classic and it makes you wish the entire world was forever black and white.

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Who needs colors when we have Tilda?


9. When she can make a sweater you’d never wear in your entire life look like something you suddenly want to wear immediately.

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Like, this very instant. Need that sweater.


10. When she strikes this pose with her face and it feels like her eyes are peering into the inner depths of your soul.

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11. When she crawled out of a hole in a wild forest where she feeds on nothing but ferns, wearing this immaculate outfit.

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12. When she just threw on a black sheet* and it was amazing.

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*It's actually a piece of the midnight sky that Tilda bit off with her teeth, but in layman's terms we'll refer to it as a "sheet."


13. When she swishes all of her hair back and you mistake her for David Bowie.

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14. When she parts her hair to the side and you mistake her for Ziggy Stardust.

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That cut is semi-Aladdin Sane.


15. When she dominated Cannes and didn’t even have to take her hands out of her pockets.



16. When she picks the perfect shade of brown with the most interesting accents ever. 

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17. When she slept in a box because on the seventh day, even God needed to rest.



18. When she pioneered the ability to wear a giant scarf and make it look impossibly polished.



19. When she glows with the orbs of a thousand distant suns and a hive of fireflies.

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20. When she rolls out of bed in her pajamas, basically.


And it is the exact opposite of basic.


21. When she wears this exact hue and reveals herself to be the most elegant iguana-human-shapeshifter of all time and all parallel dimensions.

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22. When her parachute didn’t fully deflate after careening down to our planet from 20 galaxies away.

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23. When she went subtle and bold in red at the same time because she’s Tilda, the mother of duality.

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24. When she smirks and it looks like she’s holding in all the secrets of the universe.

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25. When she held all of humanity in the palm of her hand.

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Just to let us know she can crush us whenever she chooses!