Tila Tequila to Seek Custody of Casey Johnson's Daughter Ava

January 13, 2010 By:
Tila Tequila to Seek Custody of Casey Johnson's Daughter Ava

We always knew Tila Tequila was a little nuts, but she's officially lost her marbles.

The train wreck that is Tila Tequila is planning on seeking custody of Casey Johnson's two year old adopted daughter Ava.

Although Tila probably only met Ava once or twice, she's convinced that Casey would want her to take care of her daughter. "Her last wish was to have Ava, have me have Ava," she told Extra, adding that she's going to file adoption paperwork soon.

Casey wasn't even fit to be a mother. She lost custody of her daughter to her own parents, who are now raising Ava.

So how does Tila know Casey wants her to take care of her daughter? Apparently Casey has been communicating with Tila through her dreams. "She's not resting in peace right now. She has come to me in my dreams," Tila explains.

The Johnson family wouldn't even allow Tila at their daughter’s funeral, does she really think they'll just hand over their granddaughter to her? Someone needs to shove a sock in Tila's mouth and cut her internet connection. This crazy loon is really starting to irritate us. If she was the last woman on earth, Ava would still be better off alone.