Tila Tequila Flashes Her Boobs for Charity

October 30, 2009 By:
Tila Tequila Flashes Her Boobs for Charity

Tila Tequila obviously has no qualms about showing her breasts. The reality show star has made a living off flaunting her enhanced parts, but now she’s revealing them for a good cause.

In support of the Keep A Breast Foundation, Tila got a plaster cast of her boobs done, and is auctioning them off for charity. The bidding for Tila’s breast cast reached $44,500 over the span of 12 hours and the auction doesn’t end until Nov. 6 at www.keep-a-breast.org.

Tila wrote on her blog yesterday, “I am so excited to be able to work with Keep A Breast Foundation! It’s a great charity that I work with that help raises money for Breast Cancer [Awareness].”

Tila helped to move the auction along by promising to make a personal phone call and kiss whoever wins. She’s also pledged to donate up to $10,000 for people to tweet about the Keep A Breast Foundation and the auction.

“Wow! I just checked and now my boobies are at $44,500.00!!,” Tila tweeted. “Incredible!!! I’m gonna cry of joy! xox.”

All of the breast casts were painted by artists Mike Maxwell, Caia Koopman, Carly Ealey, Brant Sandor and Randy Janson and will benefit the foundation’s mission to raise awareness across the country about breast cancer prevention and early detection.

Check out the clip of Tila in the cast below...