Tila Tequila and Courtenay Semel Come "Out"

August 15, 2008 By:
Tila Tequila and Courtenay Semel Come

Last night reality show stars Tila Tequila and Courtenay Semel came out to support pal Allison Melnick for the grand opening of Allison's new Apple Lounge featuring a special DJ performance by Samantha Ronson.

"We’ve been really busy and we wanted to step out for one night and have a good time," Tila tells Hollyscoop. "I actually wanted us to stay in tonight because…(laughs)…we’re just really tired," added Tila, who appeared very cozy with gal pal Courtenay.

The burning question on everyone's mind is whether Tila and Courtenay are officially an item. Tila tells Hollyscoop, "I don’t like talking about love and jinxing things but we’re having a good time and we’re very happy."

So what can we expect from the dynamic duo? "I have a lot of secrets in store, you’ll be hearing about them soon," says Semel. So the big secrets "out," Tila has officially found love.

Check out Hollyscoop's exclusive interview with Tila and Courtenay below...

Host: Brian Corsetti