Tila Blames Nicky Hilton for Putting Casey Johnson's Dogs to Sleep

January 7, 2010 By:
Tila Blames Nicky Hilton for Putting Casey Johnson's Dogs to Sleep

Tila Tequila sure has had a lot of time to publicly rant about the death of Casey Johnson. And she continued her whining last night after Nicky Hilton and Bijou Philips went to her home to take away Johnson’s dogs.

Nicky is godmother to Casey’s daughter Ava, and had been childhood friends of the heiress.

Nicky and Bijou arrived to the home at 2PM Wednesday, and, after a complaint was made about a verbal dispute, police showed up to the scene.

For some odd reason, Tila believed the girls were taking the dogs and putting them to sleep! She told paparazzi on the scene. "They don't care about the dogs. They are putting them to sleep to bury with Casey."

When asked if there was any plan to bury the dogs with Johnson, Bijou replied, "No."

But Tila didn’t stop there. She twittered several times, saying, "It's TRUE! They Took OUR DOGS (mine&Casey's) to Put them to Sleep So to Burry the Dogs with Casey! SICK!"

She later added, "Those girls are HEARTLES & RUDE ... They had NO RIGHT 2 bombard my home the way the did & so I called Police! Casey lived w/me & those dogs are mine!"

"I guarantee that those poor little doggie has been put to sleep as I type this. I took care of them. Her family abandoned her for 5 years!" she wrote. "If any1 is an animal lover like me, putting a dog to sleep before it's time is just wrong & that's what they did."

“They are trying to keep me quiet right now, but next week I will tell u what they dont want u 2 know."

Knowing how much Nicky’s sister Paris Hilton loves animals, we highly doubt they’re taking the dogs to put them to sleep! Sounds like Tila needs to chill out and stop twittering for a minute!