Video: Tiger Woods Gives First Interview Since Crash

March 21, 2010 By:
Video: Tiger Woods Gives First Interview Since Crash

Four months after his infamous car crash, Tiger Woods finally gave his first interview. "I've done some pretty bad things in my life," Tiger told ESPN's Tom Rinaldi on Sunday.

"I was living a life of a lie, I really was. And I was doing a lot of things ... that hurt a lot of people. And stripping away denial and rationalization you start coming to the truth of who you really are and that can be very ugly. But then again, when you face it and you start conquering it and you start living up to it, the strength that I feel now ... I've never felt that type of strength,” said Tiger.

Tiger knows his reputation has been tarnished after his many infidelities went public, and is wondering what kind of reception he'll get when he returns to competitive golf at The Masters on April 8th.

"I'm a little nervous about that to be honest with you," said Tiger. "It would be nice to hear a couple claps here and there."

There's still a lot of unanswered questions about the night of the crash, but don't expect Tiger to answer them. "You know it's all in the police report," he said. "Beyond that everything's between [wife] Elin and myself and that's private."

About his many affairs, Tiger said, "I hurt a lot of people, not just my wife. My friends, my colleagues, the public, kids who looked up to me. There were a lot of people that thought I was a different person and my actions were not according to that. That's why I had to apologize. I was so sorry for what I had done."

After weeks of rehab and a 144-day break from Golf, Tiger is ready to put the past behind him and look towards the future. "I'm excited to get back and play, I'm excited to get to see the guys again," he said. "I really miss a lot of my friends out there. I miss competing. But still, I still have a lot more treatment to do, and just because I'm playing, doesn't mean I'm [going to] stop going to treatment."

How do you think Tiger will be greeted once he returns to the Masters? Do you view him differently after his apology and this interview? Tell us your thoughts!