Tiger's Mistresses Have Awkward Run-In

December 16, 2009 By:
Tiger's Mistresses Have Awkward Run-In

We know LA is a small town, but we never thought we’d hear about two of Tiger Woods's mistresses running into one another!

According to E!, Jamie Jungers and Jaimee Grubbs were both partying at MyHouse earlier this week on the same night. And, yes, you guessed it! They had a confrontation!

According to the report, Junger approached Grubbs at the club and told her to back off.

A friend of Grubbs says, "She [Grubbs] hasn't talked to Tiger since the scandal broke, and she's done with it. She wants to be disassociated from the whole thing. She just wants to do her own thing."

Interesting, since we keep hearing about Grubbs out on the town since outing herself as one of Tiger’s girls on the side.

E! reports that just last night, she helped promoter Josh Selley celebrate his birthday at Coco de Ville in Hollywood. She caused quite the stir at the valet with dozens of paparazzi following her every move.

Sounds to us like this girl is just getting started. If she wanted to be done with it, she’d stay in for a few weeks and let everything settle down!

She knew outing Tiger would put her into the public eye, and now she’s just trying to ride out her 15 minutes!