Tiger's Mistress: No Longer Ho Material

September 10, 2010 By:
Tiger's Mistress: No Longer Ho Material

This is hilarious. One of Tiger Woods's ex mistresses is so trashy, she's no longer hooker material.

His 20th mistress Devon James, the one who claimed Tiger is her baby daddy, got fired from her gig as a hooker at the Bunny Ranch in Carson City because she's no longer ho material.

Bunny Ranch owner tells TMZ she got fired because she "broke the code -- which is privacy and discretion with all clients."

Hoff continues, "She is a disgusting excuse for a working girl ... she's a scumbag and a snitch."

So before she got canned how much would a night with Devon run you? "It's negotiable depending on what you want ... but it could get into the thousands."

A rep for Devon tells TMZ, "She worked there one time before the Tiger thing."

Once a ho, always a ho. We're sure she'll find a hooking gig elsewhere. Like an amusement park, her tagline can be, "Tiger's Been Inside!"