Tiger's Mistress: I'm Not a Prostitute!

December 11, 2009 By:
Tiger's Mistress: I'm Not a Prostitute!

Tiger Woods has so many alleged mistresses, not only are we having a hard time keeping up, we've already lost track of their professions.

Tiger Woods' alleged mistress Jamie Jungers is upset about the rumors that she's a paid escort, so she's going to do the media rounds to clear up the reports.

Jungers, who is a Vegas cocktail waitress (of course she is), made her live TV interview debut Friday morning on the Today show "to clear the air."

She told host Meredith Vieira Friday night on NBC's Dateline special The Secret Life of Tiger Woods that she wanted to appear on national television, "to make all these false rumors in the past," reports People magazine.

"I'm obviously gonna bring my lawyer into this and make sure that whoever is making these accusations will pay for it, because that’s 100 percent false," she tells Dateline. "I have nothing to do with prostitution and never have, never will."

Just to recap, Tiger met Jamie #2 back in 2005 when he was in Vegas for a charity event. He saw her from across the room and asked that she was brought over to his table. Sort of like candy.

He asked her to use a fake name while he "got to know her better," claims Jamie #2. "I got nothing from this relationship – except a broken heart," she told Vieira.

Well you're now getting your 15 minutes of fame, so that should be enough to hold you over until you ask Tiger for money, right Jamie? These girls are ridiculous!