Tiger's Lovechild, Take Two

June 17, 2010 By:
Tiger's Lovechild, Take Two

Saying Tiger Woods fathered your secret lovechild is definitely the new “I was his mistress.”

Devon James, the porn star who claims she had previous relations with the golfer, is now saying she also had his baby when she was 19 years old. James claims her nine-year-old son Austin is definitely Tiger’s.

Tiger Woods Fathered Secret Love Child!

This is just days after news broke that a documentary was to air in the UK this week, claiming to have inside information on a secret lovechild Woods fathered with a woman in Florida in 2003.

James says Woods hired her for a $2,000 night of sex six years after she had the baby and when she told him, he said he did not want to meet his son.

Tiger and Elin Reunite

A friend of James told the New York Daily News, “She showed him pictures of Austin, and told him he was his son. He didn't want to meet the boy, but he did send gifts for the child.”

But even James’ mother says she’s lying. “There is absolutely no way that it is Tiger Woods' son,” Melinda Brinling-Caso said. And now TMZ says there’s DNA evidence to disprove her claims.

A source close to the situation says the DNA test was performed in 2002 as part of "an ongoing child support battle."

Are we surprised?? Even if Tiger really didn’t father this particular child, there’s probably some other ones out there!