Tiger's Exact Divorce Payout: $110 Million

October 18, 2010 By:
Tiger's Exact Divorce Payout: $110 Million

We knew Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren’s divorce was super expensive, but until now we didn’t know exactly how much it put the golfer in the hole.

According to RadarOnline.com, Woods paid Nordegren $110 million in the divorce.

Sources say Elin isn’t flaunting her new money and freedom, and is rather remaining very private about her life. One source says she could have flown via private jet from Orlando to California this past week, but chose to fly Virgin America instead.

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"She could afford the jet but didn't even consider it," the source said.

"She's not cheap, but she's just not throwing money around and wasting it the way some people would."

She's not acting like she hit the lottery,” added the insider.

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While $110 million is a ton of money, some are saying Elin could have gotten more. "Tiger is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, with his earning, investments and the endorsement deals he's made over the years," said one source.

"Elin got a lot of money, but she could have received more. She wanted enough money to not change her luxurious lifestyle but she didn't try to take him for every penny that she could. Elin wants to get on with her life."

We don’t blame her! And that’s plenty of money to live a comfortable life and provide for your children!