Tiger's Caddy Promises to Stay Loyal

February 22, 2010 By:
Tiger's Caddy Promises to Stay Loyal

Tiger Woods may have lost a lot of fans in the last few months, but one person who will always be by his side is his caddy Steve Williams. The longtime partner of Tiger on the course has spoken out about his boss’ return to golf, which could come as early as next month.

Speaking with Australia’s Sun-Herald, Williams said, "Nothing will change. My job is to give him the best information I can and get him around in the fewest possible strokes."

Williams knows part of his job is keeping hecklers away from Tiger—which is something he’s had to do in the past. For example, at the 2004 U.S. Open, he confiscated one fan's camera. "I'm not being a bully," he said at the time. "I'm just doing what I have to do to make our jobs easier."

Williams told the paper, “Nothing will change from that aspect. I won't do anything differently. I won't view him any differently. I will do the utmost best to be as professional as I can."

As for how Williams believes Tiger will be received on the golf course, he said, ''I think when Tiger gets back to playing, people will be appreciative of the fact he is going to play,'' Williams said. ''There are some cases where other people, not necessarily sports people, who lead a high-profile life have been in similar situations … and they haven't returned to [their] profession. I think first and foremost, most people will be very excited to have Tiger back playing.”

''There are always going to be people who are going to knock you … Being the No.1 player in the world and being as successful as Tiger has been, there have been people who have knocked him anyway,” he added.

We’ll learn soon enough how the public will react to Tiger’s return!