Tiger's Caddie Says He Knew Nothing of Affairs

December 9, 2009 By:
Tiger's Caddie Says He Knew Nothing of Affairs

If there’s one person in this world who probably knows a lot about Tiger Woods, it’s his caddie.

Steve Williams travels the world with Tiger, and is always by his side, but his knowledge about his boss is limited to the golf course.

The New Zealand-born Williams says he doesn’t know any information about Tiger’s infidelities.

He told the New Zealand Herald, "I do not have any personal knowledge of anything in the reports related to the Tiger Woods stories.

"[My wife] Kirsty and I give our heartfelt wishes to Tiger, Elin, Sam and Charlie and hope this gets put to rest soon.”

We find it hard to believe Williams would have no idea about any of the ten women who have stepped forward. But regardless of whether he knows or not, we’re sure he just wants to keep his job at this point.

If and when Tiger finally returns to the golf course, he’s likely be very grateful that his caddie has stayed loyal to him.

Williams probably just wants this whole ordeal to be over so that he can go back to work!