Tiger Woods' Wife Meets With Lawyers

March 17, 2010 By:
Tiger Woods' Wife Meets With Lawyers

The divorce may be off but Tiger Woods' isn't out of the woods just yet. His wife Elin Nordegren reportedly spent three hours meeting with lawyers inside her rented Orlando home earlier this week.

And an eyewitness told Radaronline: “Her lawyer left with a lot of documents. Several boxes.”

Despite her marathon session with her attorney, it seems like Tiger and Elin are starting to get back on track. They were caught kissing last week and while she still hasn't put her wedding ring back on, they're reportedly trying to save their marriage.

“Their relationship is still going through severe ups and downs,” one source with knowledge of the situation told Radar. “In the last few days, Elin has been upset with Tiger and they haven’t been as close.”

Will Elin be there to support Tiger at the Masters? Will she start wearing her wedding ring again? We'll just have to wait and see what the future holds for these two.