Tiger Woods' Wife Doing "The Best She Can"

December 7, 2009 By:
Tiger Woods' Wife Doing

Tiger Woods' wife Elin Nordegren has already moved out of the marital home they once shared and is dealing with the aftermath of his cheating scandal, but according to a close pal, she's doing "the best she can."

Elin's pal Lindsay Davenport talked to ET to set the record straight about the stories of Elin allegedly beating Tiger. "Certainly she did not go after [Woods] physically and go after him with a golf club. That is not what happened," three-time Grand Slam tennis chap Lindsay Davenport tells Entertainment Tonight.

"She's incredibly hurt by what has gone on, but she handles herself with class, and she's working it out as best she can."

"I don't think Elin particularly cares what people think about her," she says. "The illusion and the identity out there about her is not her. Although she is having a tough time, she's really trying to get through it for the kids. What people are saying about her is not what happened."

We're hoping for Elin's sake she hasn't turned on the television set or gone near a computer or newsstand because the details of Tiger's alleged mistresses aren't pretty! But apparently divorce isn't an option yet.

"Nobody wants to go through divorce, especially when there's young children involved," Davenport says. "Her priority [is] her children Sam and Charlie. She's obviously protecting them from the media. Everyone's wish when you get married is to make it work and we'll see if they're able to do that."

Dealing with a public scandal is never easy, but at this point Elin is just trying to stay strong for the sake of her children. We wish her the best during this difficult time.