Tiger Woods Sex Tape is a Fake!

October 18, 2010 By:
Tiger Woods Sex Tape is a Fake!

If you were hoping for a Tiger Woods sex tape, you're going to be really disappointed with this news.

Apparently Tiger's ex mistress Devon James, who we all know is missing a few marbles, reportedly hired a Tiger look-a-like for the "Tiger Woods Sex Tape" she filmed and offered him $1,000 to film the X-rated tape.

Tiger's Exact Divorce Payout: $110 Million

Teneal Goyco, a remote Tiger look-a-like, told Radaronline that he was paid cash to "pretend to be Tiger Woods" during a taped two-hour tryst with Devon James.

"I wore a sweater vest with no sleeves and at one point I had a Nike hat on, a pair of dark blue khaki pants and a white and blue pin stripe shirt," Teneal told Radar.

"I was told to pretend I was Tiger Woods to fulfill her fantasy, so I did what I was asked. The couple put make up on my face and my body because I am a bit darker than Tiger."

Tiger's Mistress: No Longer Ho Material

He says Devon called him Tiger throughout the sex scenes, which were filmed this past summer. He claims he didn't realize it was a moneymaking scheme until he saw the hooker's ads for her Tiger Woods sex tape.

"I had no idea she was going to set up a tape of Tiger Woods," he said. "I wanted to make some money -- not ruin someone's life."

He's now talking to several lawyers to learn if he has a potential case against the crazy mistress.

Talk about taking things to a whole new low! No wonder her own mother based her in the media calling her a fraud and a liar.