Tiger Woods Sets Sail With Friends

December 21, 2009 By:
Tiger Woods Sets Sail With Friends

Tiger Woods is getting out of dodge for a few days. And he knows better than going on a road trip—he’d be hounded by paparazzi! So instead, the golfer has reportedly set sail with a few buddies.

According to People, Tiger is heading to the Caribbean over the holidays. Tiger’s 155-foot yacht Privacy took off from Old Port Cove in North Palm Beach on Saturday.

"On Saturday morning, after stocking up on provisions from Costco on Northlake Blvd., the boat left town,” says a source.

Insiders say Tiger and co. are planning on spending a few days in the Bahamas after being in hiding in the Palm Beach Gardens area this past week.

No one has actually seen Tiger; although tight security has been guarding the Old Port Cove Marina for more than a week. One eyewitness says a limo arrived at the marina Friday, and the boat left the next morning.

Must be nice! Tiger should enjoy what he has now before Elin tries to take him for all of it in the divorce! Wonder if his main lover Rachel will join him on the trip? She was seen packing for Florida a weeks back.