Tiger Woods' Mistress Reveals More Text Messages

December 10, 2009 By:
Tiger Woods' Mistress Reveals More Text Messages

Jamie Grubbs should just keep her mouth shut! Just yesterday she went on national television apologizing to Tiger Woods' wife, yet she continues to reveal more details about her alleged affair with Woods. She must really need some cash or she is just that desperate for her 15-minutes of fame.

Grubbs said that she dated Woods for about 31 months and they had over 20 sexual encounters.

When they weren't doing the dirty, they were exchanging naughty text messages with one another.

Us Weekly has a sample of what the text messages between the two consisted of. A Sept. 27, 2009 text exchange read:

TIGER: I need you

JAIMEE: then get your tight ass over here and visit me! I need u

TIGER: I will wear you out soon

JAIMEE: how soon? I got a new piercing

Later in the same day, in a text message Woods vows to Grubbs "quietly and secretively we will always be together ...when was the last time you got laid".

In another text exchange on Oct. 18, Grubbs wonders "why I keep falling more and more for u ;)." Woods' unexpected reply: "because I'm blasian :)."

Naughty! Naughty! Who knew Tiger Woods was such a pig!