Tiger Woods is Back in Rehab

February 22, 2010 By:
Tiger Woods is Back in Rehab

After months of isolation, Tiger Woods finally resurfaced on Friday and made a public apology for all his indiscretions. During his apology he said that he was going to be returning to rehab for more "therapy" and that's exactly where he is right now.

Tiger and his estranged wife Elin boarded a private jet on route to Arizona Saturday night and he's officially back in rehab.

Tiger will spend the next week in Arizona, but it's unclear if Elin will stay with him.

“Elin may not stay the entire week with him,” a source close to the situation told Radaronline. “She taking the marriage one day at a time.”

Elin has already called off the divorce so it looks like they're taking their relationship one day at a time. Tiger will be back in Florida in a week so it'll be interesting to see how he moves on with his life at that point.