Tiger to Elin: Not So Fast!

April 19, 2010 By:
Tiger to Elin: Not So Fast!

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren may be headed for divorce, but if she thinks she’s moving back to her homeland Sweden, she’s got another thing coming!

Sources say Elin wants to move back home and take the two children with her.

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According to Popeater, Nordegren just purchased a $2 million home in Sweden. But an insider says, "No way would Tiger let Elin leave the USA with his children. You can say whatever you want about Tiger as a husband, but he has always been a great father.”

This would explain why Elin has also been looking at real estate in Florida nearby the family home.

The source continues, “He knows his marriage is probably over, but he will never give up on those kids. They mean the world to him."

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We feel so bad for Elin. She probably just wishes she could start over, but it’s so hard to do that with children involved. Although their marriage is pretty much over, the kids probably miss their father being gone so much lately.

We think it makes more sense for Elin to stay in Florida. She can still stay far away from Tiger even if they live in close proximity to each other.