Tiger Paid Mistress $10 Million to Keep Quiet?

April 1, 2010 By:
Tiger Paid Mistress $10 Million to Keep Quiet?

Oh Tiger! Just when we think the headlines surrounding your scandalous affairs are about to die down, we get more juicy details. Tiger Woods reportedly paid his first mistress Rachel Uchitel $10 million dollars to keep quiet!

If you had a hard time keeping up with Tiger's mistresses, Rachel was Tiger's first mistress. She's the reason his scandal made headlines to begin with.

Mistress: Tiger Didn't Feel Guilty About Cheating

After news of their affair went public, she hired Gloria Allred (of course!) and had scheduled a press conference to dish on the dirty details about her scandalous affair with Tiger. Just a few hours after she announced that she was going to hold a press conference, it was canceled. Why? There are 10 million reasons why.

According to TMZ, Rachel reportedly has a lot of dirt on Tiger and he was scared a press conference would ruin his career, so he paid her roughly $10 million dollars to keep quiet. She in exchange signed an ironclad confidentially agreement.

Report: Tiger's Wife Elin Nordegren is Pregnant

Of course after Rachel, over a dozen other mistresses came forward claiming to have had affairs with Tiger. No word on whether anyone else was paid hush money, but we have a feeling Elin Nordegren isn't going to be too thrilled about her husbands mistress walking away with $10 million.