Tiger Buys Elin a New Boat

February 12, 2010 By:
Tiger Buys Elin a New Boat

We were wondering when the 'Kobe Special' was going to happen. Looks like Tiger Woods' 'I'm Sorry' present isn't going to be a huge diamond ring after all--but a huge sporting boat instead.

They may not be looking forward to couples counseling in the next few months, but Elin Nordegren has something else to look forward to: her new custom-designed sporting boat christened Solitude.

According to People magazine, the new 61-foot boat is meant to serve as a peace offering to Elin. "Solitude is a dive boat and was designed for Elin, who loves the sport," a source tells People.

Elin is a huge fan of diving, and her new boat will let her get back to the hobby she loves so much. "Tiger and Elin have continued diving when they are out for relaxation," says a source. "And they talked about having a boat that would be mainly for this purpose."

The estimated $2-3 million dollar boat is much smaller than his 150-foot yacht 'Privacy' but hey, a new boat is a new boat!

A source acknowledges that Woods has been secretive about his new boat. "He has had it covered up for quite awhile," says the source. "But now it is out in the open and soon he can actually enjoy it."

Much be nice! We bet it's just one of many extravagant 'I'm Sorry' gifts we're going to be hearing about. What do you think will be next? A diamond ring? A new mansion?