Tiger and Jesse's Mistresses to Land Reality Show

April 19, 2010 By:
Tiger and Jesse's Mistresses to Land Reality Show

In Hollywood, when you cheat on your spouse, you get a reality show! Tiger Woods and Jesse James’ mistresses are in talks to land their very own reality show. And get this—it’s reportedly going to be hosted by Tiger’s mistress Jamie Jungers and Jesse’s favorite stripper Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.

According to TMZ, the show, called Celebrity Cheaters, will center all around….drum roll…celebs who cheat. The concept was created by Bobby Goldstein, who also created the ingenious show Cheaters.

If you're wondering why Tiger's main squeeze Rachel Uchitel isn't involved, that's because she's got a show of her own in the pipeline. Hollyscoop sources tell us EXCLUSIVELY that Rachel has been approached by several production companies to star in her own reality show about her life. Hmmm...sounds boring now that Tiger isn't in the picture anymore. Looks like she needs a new man to screw around with to keep the viewers interested.

Tiger Woods' Alleged Mistress Arrested

Goldstein says he wants to "catch celebrity cheaters with their pants down." He tells X17 Online, "We're starting at the White House and working our way down. We know who's horny out there. We've already begun our investigation on several people, but we can't reveal who just yet. The wheels are on the track, and it's going forward."

What’s even funnier is that McGee actually auditioned to be on Cheaters in the past so she could catch her ex-boyfriend in the act. She was denied from the show.

Jesse James' Mistress Michelle: I Didn't Destroy His Marriage, He Did!

Insiders say both Michelle and Jamie have agreed to be on the show, though papers haven’t been officially signed. If this isn’t ironic, we don’t know what is—two mistresses hosting a show about other celebs cheating with unknown fame whores!