Tiger and His Wife In Seclusion at Home

December 3, 2009 By:
Tiger and His Wife In Seclusion at Home

With all the mayhem surrounding Tiger Woods right now, he figured the best place for him to be is at home. New reports suggest he and his wife Elin Nordegren are holed up in their Windemere, Florida mansion, undergoing intense marital counseling.

As Hollyscoop reported earlier today, the couple is participating in several sessions a day. It’s also being reported that both Tiger’s and Elin’s mothers are trying to help save their marriage.

Tiger’s mom has expressed how grateful she is that the couple’s two children Sam and Charlie are too young to know what’s going on.

An inside source told the Sun-Times, "This story will be ancient history by the time they are old enough to learn about it.”

The Daily Beast also reports that Nordegren is negotiating an immediate $5 million payout from her husband and revising her prenup, reported at $20 million at the time of their 2004 marriage, to give her as much as $55 million if she stays with her husband for two more years.

It’s so sad that when a marriage falls apart like this, all anyone cares about is the money. It seems like they’re at least attempting to save the marriage, but it’s unlikely that it will work.