Tiger and Elin Spent Valentine's Day Apart

February 15, 2010 By:
Tiger and Elin Spent Valentine's Day Apart

It was a lonely Valentine's Day for Tiger Woods as Cupid decided he wasn't worthy of a visit this year. Tiger and his wife Elin Nordegren may be "working" on their marriage, but the couple had zero contact with each other on Valentine's Day.

Elin packed her bags and headed out of town with some girlfriends to celebrate a pal's birthday at the Dolphin hotel in Orlando and Tiger was absolutely not invited, reports Radaronline.

"Valentine's Day was not a day for Elin and Tiger to be close," one source, who knows both of them. "They had no physical contact. She pretty much only sees him when she drops off the kids for him to see."

"The marriage is very much up in the air right now," one source said. "A few weeks ago she was determined to save it. Now that he's been home she can't bring herself to go near him. She still very, very hurt. No one knows what she's going to do. I'm not sure that she knows what she's going to do."

Sources close to the couple claim they're determined to make it work, but something tells us otherwise. Do you think they can pull through the scandal and have a healthy relationship again? Tell us your thoughts!