Tiger and Elin Haven't Been Intimate Yet

April 7, 2010 By:
Tiger and Elin Haven't Been Intimate Yet

Tiger Woods was busy getting intimate with a whole lot of broads, but his wife Elin Nordegren wasn't one of them--and she still isn't.

Tiger and Elin haven't done the horizontal mambo since the news of his cheating scandal went public.

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"She will likely stand by her man," an insider tells Us Weekly. But her life as a wife is anything but happy now. "She's still embarrassed," an Elin source says. "And they definitely have not been intimate yet."

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We don't blame her! Who would want to be intimate with someone who allegedly had more than a dozen affairs?? With porn stars! Do you think Elin will continue to stay by Tigers side? Or will she leave him after the Masters?