Tiger Addresses Drugs, Elin and Cheating in Press Conference

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Tiger Addresses Drugs, Elin and Cheating in Press Conference

Tiger Woods addressed the public directly today for the first time since news broke about his scandalous affairs. He gave a press conference live from the Masters in Augusta Georgia.

When Tiger first sat down, he almost seemed excited to be talking to the press. He told them, “What a great day today. Coming into today I didn’t know what to expect. The galleries couldn’t be nicer, the encouragement I got blew me away. The people here over the years are extremely respectful. But today they touched my heart pretty good.”

Tigers Mistress to Hold Press Conference After His

Next, Tiger spoke on behalf of his competitors. He said: “Another little comment. I know the players over the past few months have been bombarded by questions….hopefully they can be left alone to focus on the Masters, not only this week but in the future. I apologize…a lot has happened in my life over the past few months. I’m here at the Masters to play and compete. I missed the guys.”

One particular journalist asked Tiger why he didn’t speak to police following the car accident, to which he responded, “ I did everything to the letter of the law. Mainly I spent a lot of time with my family.”

As far as what has been the most difficult thing to deal with: “Having to look at myself in a light that I never wanted to look at myself. How far away I got form my core fundamentals and core morals. Having to break that down and really take a hard look at myself. That is how I found strength and peace.”

“The second is the constant harassment to my family. My wife and kids being Photographed everywhere they go. It’s tough for them to heal.”

Tiger also apologized to the kids who look up to him. He said, “So many kids have looked up to me. It really put things in perspective to me…how much I’ve underappreciated the fans.”

When reporters asked if his wife Elin will be joining him this week at the Masters, he simply said, "Elin will not be here this week."

On why he decided to seek treatment: "Because of the time frame [of going to therapy] I missed my son's first birthday. I vowed never to miss another one. That was very hard that day and something I regret and probably will for the rest of my life."

Check out the video of the press conference below...