Tag Heuer Takes Tiger Back

December 22, 2009 By:
Tag Heuer Takes Tiger Back

Swiss watch company Tag Heuer has decided they do want Tiger Woods after all! Just days after canceling their contract with the golfer, the watchmakers have decided to stand by him once again.

Tag posted a picture on the main page of their website with Tiger and the line: “Tag Heuer stands with Tiger Woods.”

Jean-Christophe Babin, President and CEO of TAG Heuer, released a statement saying, “The partnership with Tiger Woods will continue, but we will downscale the use of his image in certain markets for a period of time, depending on his decision about returning to professional golf. We will continue to actively support the Tiger Woods Foundation.”

The site goes on to explain that Tiger became a TAG Heuer brand ambassador in 2002, and the relationship between the company and Woods is strictly professional.

Interesting move! Whether the relationship is based on his golfing ability or not, the Tiger Woods brand has definitely changed in recent weeks, no matter which way you spin it. Tag clearly wants what everyone wants these days—more publicity!