Stars React to Tiger Woods' Speech

February 19, 2010 By:
Stars React to Tiger Woods' Speech

We knew they were coming! Stars just couldn’t help but to jump on Twitter and announce their opinions on Tiger Woods’ speech this morning. Some are encouraging, while others are sarcastic. Here’s what some celebs are saying in the Twitterverse!

Melissa Joan Hart: “Tiger ate a big bowl of stink and I think he is sincere and apologetic! I liked that he apologized 2parents whose kids were looking up 2 him. I was counting on him as a role model for my boys so that was big 2 me!”

Mandy Moore: “very honorable words from tiger woods. good for him……”

Craig Ferguson: “Watched the Tiger Woods apology. Sheesh. Now a 3 day media s***storm of jerks analysing it. Feel bad for his family though.”

Joan Rivers: “Tiger Woods and I are soulmates. At the moment I was being bounced off a plane in Costa Rica, he was being bounced off a hooker in Miami.”

Pauly D: “Can’t believe Tiger Woods is in My Sex Rehab Class.”

Jewel: “So glad Tiger cleared that up – I wasn’t sure who to blame.”