Sports Expert: Tiger Should Have Apologized When the Story Broke

February 19, 2010 By:
Sports Expert: Tiger Should Have Apologized When the Story Broke

There are mixed emotions when it comes to Tiger Woods’ speech today. While many appreciate him apologizing to his wife and children, others are critical. Sports industry expert, author, and former caddy to the stars Brandon Lang spoke exclusively with Hollyscoop about his thoughts on Tiger’s apology.

He tells Hollyscoop exclusively, “To read a prepared statement , control where you had it, when you had it how you had it, you missed the boat, you’re trying to control the situation, instead of speaking from heart. This should have happened the week the story broke, he had to know that this was going to blow up had to know this was Armageddon meet titanic.”

Lang also thinks it’s going to be a long time until the general public is truly able to move past this entire saga. “Tiger has misjudged America,” Lang says. “They’ll forgive but they won’t forget, especially after this performance where he was programmed and robotic. Tiger cheated with reportedly 15 women but anyone with common sense knows it’s more so he shouldn’t try to sell us on how he’s gonna try to save his marriage.”

Lang also addressed Tiger’s imminent return to the golf game, which he believes will be a success. He says, “When he returns to golf, I think he is going to come back and play better than ever! If he was out there on one leg dominating golf and all he was thinking about off the course was getting laid, how good is he gonna be now when he actually practices!”

And Lang reminds us that Tiger’s not the first athlete to royally screw up—and he definitely won’t be the last.

Lang explains, “I don’t think his sponsors who’ve dropped him are going to reinvest – they can’t. He’s got to rebuild first. Look how long it’s taken Kobe Bryant to get back and that was ONE girl.”

It’s going to be a long road ahead—personally and professionally for Tiger.