Report: Tiger Woods in Rehab

December 29, 2009 By:
Report: Tiger Woods in Rehab

We saw this one coming! Every time a celebrity royally screws up, they go to rehab, disappear for a few weeks and get their grand comeback. They confess their sins, America forgives them, and the endorsements start rolling in again.

We all love a good comeback story, and Tiger Woods knows that. So he's reportedly enrolled himself in rehab. He blames his multiple indiscretions on sex addiction so he's in Arizona trying to...stop having sex?!

"He has been there for a few days since his handlers forced him to enter the program. They feel that if he blames his cheating on addiction, the public will forgive him," a source tells X17

"Tiger wants to get back on top. He agreed to put golfing on hold so he could show the world how badly he feels about what he's done and to prove that he wants to correct the problems that led to his infidelity," added the source.

Arizona boasts two high-profile rehabilitation centers; Cottonwood de Tuscon and The Meadows in Phoenix. According to X17, Cottonwood's program for sex addiction "centers on helping patients retrain the neural pathways that are activated by their sexual behavior," while the Meadows focuses on treating alcohol and drug addiction along with compulsive behaviors such as eating, gambling, sex, love addiction/avoidance and codependence.

We know he has a major sex addiction, but he has reportedly been abusing prescription drugs too. Bet Tiger can't wait for 09 to be over. He started it out on top and found himself all the way at the bottom at the end of the year. What do you think of Tiger entering rehab? Does it change your opinion about him and the scandal?