Report: Tiger Woods Going to Rehab for Sex Addiction

December 18, 2009 By:
Report: Tiger Woods Going to Rehab for Sex Addiction

Have a drug or alcohol problem? Go to rehab! Used a homophobic slur on your co-worker? Go to rehab! Got caught having an affair with 14 different women? Go to rehab!

In past couple of years every time a celebrity has screwed up big time, they just go to some kind of rehab program and all is forgiven. And now Tiger Woods is hoping to gain public forgiveness by reportedly going to...wait for for sex addiction.

Rumor has it that Tiger is planning to go into rehab in Arizona in the New Year for treatment for 'sexual compulsion' and his use of Vicodin painkillers and Ambien sleeping pills.

NBC and ABC news are reporting that Tiger is planning on enrolling at The Meadows, a rehab facility located a few miles outside of Phoenix.

Technically he has nothing better to do during the holidays, his wife Elin is taking the kids to Sweden with her so he was already in for a lovely new year.

But will "sex rehab" help save his marriage? Highly doubt it. Sources close to Elin say the divorce is "100% on" and she's already meeting with high profile divorce attorneys.