Report: Tiger to Make Comeback at the Masters

March 11, 2010 By:
Report: Tiger to Make Comeback at the Masters

We may finally be seeing Tiger Woods on the golf green in as little as two weeks. Some reports suggest he’s going to make his return at the Arnold Palmer Invitational which starts March 25th in Orlando. Others claim he’s waiting for the cream of the crop—The Masters—to stage his return.

As you may recall, Tiger won Arnold Palmer last year, and insiders say it is the perfect comeback venue for him. But Fox News claims he’s already decided to forego Palmer, and is definitely going to return at The Masters.

Woods has supposedly hired former President George W. Bush’s former press secretary Ari Fleisher to help with his comeback. Ari similarly helped baseball player Mark McGwire revamp his image during his steroid scandal.

He has spent the past week practicing at his home course, Isleworth. His coach Hank Haney has been working with him the past few days. Stay tuned for Tiger’s big decision!