Report: Tiger Donates Plane Full of Supplies to Haiti

January 14, 2010 By:
Report: Tiger Donates Plane Full of Supplies to Haiti

Tiger Woods is "doing something amazing." And no, we're not talking about another blonde.

According to Tiger's pal Russell Simmons, he's sending a cargo plane full of supplies to a hospital in Haiti to help aid those in need following the devastating 7.0 earthquake that hit on Tuesday.

Russell wrote on his Twitter page, “Tiger Woods is doing something AMAZING!!!!" And followed that with a post that read, "I heard [he's] donating to send a cargo plane with a mobile hospital out there. Keep ur prayers high!”

While it's nice of Tiger to help out, we can't help but wonder if he did it to save face. According to the Huffington Post, last night Fox Sports and Kansas City Star sportswriter Jason Whitlock wrote on his Twitter account, "if I'm Tiger, I park a big luxury liner off the coast of Haiti and me and Rachel Uchitel pass out $10 mil in bottled water."

We still haven't been able to confirm if Tiger really did send the cargo plane or if it's just a rumor, but if so, kudos to him. Haiti is in an intense medical crisis and every donation helps.

How can you help? There are many ways to donate to help Haiti. Text "Yele" to 501 501 to donate $5 to Haiti. Go to for more information or text "Haiti" to 90999 to donate $10 to Haiti via the Red Cross.