Report: Police Pursue Search Warrant in Tiger Woods Case

November 30, 2009 By:
Report: Police Pursue Search Warrant in Tiger Woods Case

Tiger Woods isn't even close to being off the hook after his single car accident early Friday morning. In fact, things have taken a turn for the worse for the golf star and has wife.

Officers are still waiting to talk to Tiger about the accident but since he's not budging the Florida Highway Patrol are now focusing on obtaining a search warrant to gather more evidence.

According to TMZ, the search warrant will allow them to seize medical records from the hospital that treated Tiger. Authorities believe they can show probable cause a crime was committed, a necessary step in obtaining a warrant.

Officers are interested in finding out if the scratches on his face were the result of his accident, or if it was because of domestic abuse.

As Hollyscoop had previously reported, Tiger and his wife Elin had allegedly gotten into a argument just moments before he crashed his car outside their Florida home. The argument was reportedly over his alleged affair with Rachel Uchitel, an affair she denies ever happened.

If the FHP determines Elin attacked Tiger, she could possibly be arrested for domestic violence. Stay tuned because things are barely heating up! More details coming soon!