Report: Elin Hit Tiger 27 Times With Golf Club

August 23, 2010 By:
Report: Elin Hit Tiger 27 Times With Golf Club

Now that the divorce is finally finalized between Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren, the real dirt comes out! Website claims to have details from the night of the infamous car crash.

A source tells the site that Elin hit her then-husband 27 times with a golf club! How he’s standing we do not know! “Elin Nordegren is one of my closest friends,” the source says. “Shortly after the terrible incident she called me and told me all the details. The most startling thing she told me was that she took 27 swings at Tiger with the gold club before he got out of the house.”

And that’s not all…

“She had found a half dozen condoms in his suit jacket,” the alleged friend claims. “Elin said Tiger had not used condoms in over two years when they had sex. Elin went ballistic when she found the condoms. She had suspected he was cheating on her for months. She told me she wanted to kill Tiger that night, she completely went out of control.”

Yeah, she did! Hitting someone 27 times is quite a feat! We wonder how this friend knows the exact number…did Elin count them out loud? We can just picture this gorgeous blonde going apeshit as she screams in Swedish, “25, 26, and 27! Now I’m done with you, you bastard!”

Apparently there’s even more information from the “friend” to come, so stay tuned!