Rachel Uchitel to Pose for Playboy

December 11, 2009 By:
Rachel Uchitel to Pose for Playboy

At least one of Tiger Woods's mistresses is getting her fifteen minutes of fame! According to new reports, Rachel Uchitel in talks to pose for Playboy. Extra claims the talks have not yet been finalized, and are taking longer than expected because Rachel “wants a lot of money.”

Uchitel is reportedly furious that she’s being trash-talked by the mouthy ladies on The View. On today’s show, Joy Behar said, “Uchitel she’s a hooker.” Sherri Shepherd added, “Rachel, you walked into that one, girl.”

Rachel’s lawyer Gloria Allred issued a statement on behalf of her client, saying, “This statement about Ms. Uchitel is false and defamatory and highly offensive to her. Rachel is very upset by that statement which has been viewed and now read all around the world.”

“This statement was very hurtful to Rachel because it is not true. if the host said it in a joking way Rachel is not amused, because she values her reputation and her reputation has been damaged by this statement as it is completely false.”

Well Rachel may not have the best reputation on the block, but at least the girl is making money. Sources say she was paid “at least a million dollars” to keep quiet about her affair with Tiger. And we know Playboy pays well too!