Rachel Uchitel Eyes the Tiger Again

August 24, 2010 By:
Rachel Uchitel Eyes the Tiger Again

The ink is still wet on Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren's divorce papers, but his ex mistress is already trying to win him back.

Rachel Uchitel, his main mistress, tells TMZ that she's eyeing the Tiger again. And she's hoping he'll reach out to her again.

“I feel horrible for him,” Uchitel allegedly said. “He loved her. But he was in love with me. I hope he remembers that was real, and reaches out to me.

“I’d give up everything to be with him again.”

Rachel reportedly got $10 million dollars to keep her mouth shut about her alleged affair with Tiger, and now she’s banned from contacting him as part of the agreement. But Tiger has never let anything come between him and a home wrecker, and Rachel’s vagina seems to have gravitational pull when it comes to the golfer.