PGA Tour Comissioner: Tiger's Speech Was Heartfelt

February 19, 2010 By:
PGA Tour Comissioner: Tiger's Speech Was Heartfelt

Tiger Woods has another person by his side other than his mother—and it’s PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem. According to the LA Times, Finchem is praising Tiger’s apology, calling his words “heartfelt.”

"He clearly recognizes that there has been serious impact to a wide range of individuals and organizations," Finchem told reporters today. "I thought it was particularly telling that he specifically addressed parents of children, the parents being individuals who had encouraged their children to look at him as a role model, and he specifically referenced that.

Finchem also believes Tiger is showing his commitment to both his family and his career by offering to return to rehab. "But overall my take was that he is very focused on these issues. He's taking the steps that he and whatever professional assistance he's receiving suggest and that he's committed to the course that he laid out, and I thought it was a compelling commitment statement,” he said.

Finchem sounded just like Tiger’s mother when he added, "But at the end of the day, he's a human being. We all make mistakes. We all have made mistakes. And when we're lucky, we learn from those mistakes and we get to be better people. And it seems to me that's the course that he is on."

As for when Woods will come back to golf, many are speculating it’ll be as soon as next month. Finchem says rather that Tiger hasn’t given him any indication about when he’ll return. He said, "My sense is that ... he will play when he's ready and when he thinks he can compete," Finchem said. "But he has prioritized clearly now over the last three months getting to a certain point in the issues he's dealing with before he wants to take that step, and only he can make that decision. But I have no timeline in my own mind as to when that would be."

Sounds like Finchem has been Team Tiger all along! Do you think he acted too biased with his answers to the press today? Or is he entitled to his opinion just like the rest of us?