More Women to Come Forward in Tiger Woods Scandal

December 2, 2009 By:
More Women to Come Forward in Tiger Woods Scandal

Whatever happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stays in Vegas. After the National Enquirer broke the story about Tiger Woods and his alleged affair with a New York VIP hostess, girls from Los Angeles to Vegas are breaking their silence and speaking out about Tiger Woods’ alleged extramarital affairs.

The latest woman involved in the Tiger Woods scandal is Kalika Moquin, who is the marketing manager for The Bank nightclub in Las Vegas. Although Kalika chooses to remain silent in regards to the alleged affair, her younger sister Kira has come out in defense of Kalika stating, “It’s all B.S.,” she said. “I don’t know who’s making it up.”

However, one source close to Kalika did reveal to Hollyscoop exclusively that she did have a sexual relationship with the golf star. “Kalika was bragging about how they were seeing each other and hooking up,” Kalika’s friend confirmed to Hollyscoop.

Another Vegas insider tells Hollyscoop he's not the least bit surprised about Kalika and Tiger's alleged affair. “Everyone in the club industry knew that Kalika was hooking up with Tiger. The Vegas club industry is a small community; she had told couple of her close friends, who then spread the word.

Our source continued, "This is how news gets around in Las Vegas. Kalika wasn’t flaunting it at all and when Tiger Woods comes into town, he’s very quiet and doesn’t like to make a lot of noise. But everyone knew they were hooking up.”

Our Vegas insider also revealed that Kalika isn’t the only girl in Las Vegas that has hooked up with the golf star. “There’s going to be other girls in Las Vegas that will come out, there’s more!"

With the crazy nightlife in Las Vegas, seeing celebrities whether they are married or not hooking up with cocktail waitresses, VIP hostesses or girls in the business doesn’t really surprise anyone. They don't call it the city of sin for no reason.

“Tiger is just like any other male celebrity or athlete that comes to Las Vegas. There have been so many girls in Las Vegas that have met celebrities or billionaires at the clubs. If they hit it off, these girls can get their ticket out of sin city,” our source reveals to us.

Stay tuned as we unveil more from the city of sin, but here’s a tip to the ladies; DO NOT SEND YOUR MEN TO VEGAS ALONE!