Mistress: Tiger Said His Marriage Was "Just for Publicity"

December 7, 2009 By:
Mistress: Tiger Said His Marriage Was

While Tiger Woods remains in seclusion, his alleged mistresses are having a field day talking up a storm about their reported affairs and all the juicy things Tiger told them while they were together.

One of Tiger's mystery mistresses, who refused to release her name, said that Tiger told her his marriage was a sham and it was "just for publicity." Hide those golf clubs Tiger, Elin is not gonna happy about that one!

According to TMZ, the mystery mistress claims her affair with Tiger lasted two years. She met Tiger Woods at Roxy Nightclub in Orlando, Florida in 2004. Tiger was engaged at the time.

The woman, who was a cocktail waitress at the club (of course!), claims she went back to Tiger's and had sex the night they met, and then carried on an affair for the next two years. And now she's hired a lawyer so she can address the media about their affair.

Sadly even if Tiger, or should we start calling him Cheetah?!, paid each mistress a million dollars to stay quiet, it wouldn't even put a dent in his bank account.