Mistress: Tiger Didn't Feel Guilty About Cheating

March 31, 2010 By:
Mistress: Tiger Didn't Feel Guilty About Cheating

One of Tiger Woods’ mistresses has come forward with more shocking information about the golfer. A diner waitress named Mindy Lawton says Tiger never felt an ounce of guilt when he cheated on his wife Elin Nordegren.

Lawton waited on Tiger and Elin one night at the diner, and she recalls how awkward it was between them. She tells Vanity Fair, "One of them would read the paper, just very cold. I didn't see any signs of affection... I figured he was in a loveless relationship with his wife... I could feel his eyes on me."

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Lawton says Woods later called her at the restaurant, and said, "Hi, this is Ti…Tiger. A couple of friends and I are going out tonight, and I was wondering if you wanted to join us?"

She says they had sex that night on his kitchen floor of his home amid "fine porcelain tile and brushed stainless-steel appliances." He told her, "You have the perfect body."

Lawton claims they had sex often, and even did it in a fold cart at his house once. She said Tiger demanded sex at 5:30 before he left for a tournament one time as well. "He wanted that last piece of booty before he could go to his tournament. To make him shoot better," Lawton says.

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Lawton also says Tiger was cheap, and says he only bought her dinner once—and that it was a chicken wrap from Subway!

Lawton’s story appears alongside 3 of the other mistresses in the new Vanity Fair in a piece entitled “The Temptation of Tiger Woods,” complete with pictures! This is one spread you need to check out.