Latest Mistress: Tiger Wasn't Happy at Home

December 14, 2009 By:
Latest Mistress: Tiger Wasn't Happy at Home

The latest woman in the Tiger Woods scandal appeared on the Today Show this morning to talk about her two and a half affair with the golfer, and to express her “regret.”

31-year old Cori Rist would reportedly meet up with Tiger when he was on the road, and would book adjoining rooms. A source told the Daily News, "Tiger would typically get a large suite at a hotel. Someone would book Cori an adjacent room, so she wouldn't be seen coming into his room."

Rist said, “He would just tell me, ‘This is your room number. It’s under this name.’ I would go my room, and he would open the middle door.”

Rist says people close to Tiger knew full well about their relationship, and that it was not a total secret. She also said Tiger would tell her he wasn’t happy with his wife Elin.

"He was not happy at home with his wife," she said. "He would stay there because she was pregnant and they were expecting their first child. Because of his reputation he had to uphold that."

Rist told the Today show the relationship ended because she declined his offers to fly her to Australia and Dubai. "We had an argument over how I don't make enough time for him, and that was it,” she said.

In related news, an interview has just surfaced from last month in which Tiger tells New Zealand’s Sky TV that family always comes before golf.

We’re sure he’s eating those words right about now. Watch the whole Today Show interview on