Jamie Grubbs Apologizes to Tiger's Wife

December 9, 2009 By:
Jamie Grubbs Apologizes to Tiger's Wife

Jamie Grubbs has issued an apology to Tiger Woods’ wife Elin. The 24-year old cocktail waitress has been talking a lot in the past couple weeks about her alleged affair with the golfer, but she wants Elin to know she feels bad.

"I couldn't describe how remorseful that I am to have hurt her family and her emotionally. If it wasn't me, it was going to be other girls. I did care about him -- I didn't do it for superficial reasons. I didn't do it to purposely hurt her."

Jamie insists she didn’t know Tiger was married when they first hooked up. She says, "I wouldn't have pursued him if he didn't pursue me. I mean, when he did, I just figured he was single and I didn't think to ask.”

Despite claiming she’d been with Tiger for three years, Grubbs says she was never in love. "Love is obviously a very strong word for me to even use," she admits. "I wouldn't necessarily say that I didn't love him. But I couldn't... I did never say that I did love him. I didn't let myself get that far.”

Jamie also says she doesn’t know if she’d want to go back to him now that she knows about all the other women he’s been with. "I can't say that I would ever go back to him. I would definitely have a relationship with him whether it was friends or just to have him in my life," she says. "But as far as going back to him emotionally like I was -- I don't know if I can put myself through that again."

Yet, despite the twelve other woman linked to Tiger now, Jamie still praises him. “He's an amazing guy despite everything that is coming forth,” she says.

Check out a clip from the interview below, and tune in to Extra to see the whole thing!