Gloria Allred: Rachel is in Florida Visiting Family

December 23, 2009 By:
Gloria Allred: Rachel is in Florida Visiting Family

While Tiger Woods's whereabouts remain a mystery, Rachel Uchitel, the first woman romantically linked to Tiger, is currently in Palm Beach.

Media outlets started speculating that Rachel was in town visiting Tiger because his yacht "Privacy" was spotted just miles away from where she's staying. But Uchitel’s attorney Gloria Allred tells Hollyscoop exclusively, "Rachel is in Florida because she has family there."

When asked if Rachel and Tiger are still in contact, Allred said her client had "no comment" about the reports. It seems both Tiger and Rachel are both clearly trying really hard to stay out of the limelight. But is that because there’s nothing going on, or they’re trying to hide their alleged “secret” relationship?

Earlier this week Rachel denied rumors that she was pregnant with Tiger's cub. We’ve heard reports that they’re still sleeping together, while others report that they haven’t spoken since the scandal broke. So who do we believe?

Rachel is in Palm Beach and Tiger's boat has been docked in the harbor close by. We did get word the other day that Tiger was planning on setting sail for the Bahamas with a few friends for the holidays. No further details have been released.

There are so many questions surrounding Tiger and the elusive Rachel Uchitel. Is Tiger cruising to the Bahamas? Attending round-the-clock marriage counseling? Night golfing in private? His whereabouts are a big mystery and photogs are literally camping outside his home (and yacht) hoping to get the first photos of him post scandal.

While we do find it a little too convenient that Rachel happens to be in the same town as Tiger and his yacht, we’ll take her word from her high-powered attorney who tells Hollyscoop otherwise.