Friends Worried About Elin Nordegren's Health

January 5, 2010 By:
Friends Worried About Elin Nordegren's Health

Friends are reportedly very worried about Tiger Woods' wife Elin Nordegren because she has lost too much weight too fast. But we're guessing her weight loss has something to do with finding out that her husband was sleeping with half the country.

The former Swedish model was photographed playing with her kids after the New Year and she looked very frail.

“Elin looked pencil-thin — it’s very worrying,” an onlooker told British newspaper The Sun.

Elin just recently returned back home after spending her holiday skiing in France.

Meanwhile, Mr. Big Bad Player Tiger Woods is still hiding. No one has seen him ever since the scandal was first made public. We have to commend Elin for not hiding like her coward husband. He claimed that he wants to work on his relationship but he is just probably worried about his career and that is why he is in hiding.